Quick flick stories

Once upon a time there was a frog and his name was b-i-n-f-o and binfo was his nameo and it just happens to be that I am binfo so once upon a time I was running and running from a scary beast and then when I looked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I wasn’t running from a scary monster I was running from a dirty crow that looked like a owl like monster so then I stopped running and thought I was a fool for messing up a crow with a monster so then I ran and I ran back to the pond and went to my house then laid on the pillow and that was the end of my day.

teenage mutant ninga frogies.

Once upon a time there was a person who saw a red ladder and then for some reason he threw                                                                                      coins at it and fell to the grounded and then the person saw a frog on the pavement and then he yelled out loud dramatically and yelled “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then got on his knees and cried, then the frog croaked for no reason or explanation of why he croaked and then apparently the frog did not die so it got up and jumped over to a sewage pipe and got in and that’s how it started teenage mutant ninja frogies.  

quick flick stories

Once upon a time someone was making a food and one ingredient was vinegar and the vinegar was too sharp and it tasted tart and it was being made into keifer and apple cider vinegar beef jerky it was too sharp because of the acid in the vinegar, but it still did not mater the person brought the homemade beef jerky to a hike and he and others enjoyed the keifer and apple cider beef jerky but the beef jurky was to strong and they had to go to the rest room and they were in there for a long long long time and they have been there ever since.


true story

I was ready to play my guitar and then I started tuning it and it was completely out of tune so I tuned it. And then when i left to the bathroom I came back and I found my guitar on the floor with all the strings popped so I had to ask my dad to get me some more strings and he said he would a yay so he left and he got me some more strings  and when he got back we tuned the guitar and stuff and when I went back to my room I saw this huge lump where the guitar was before I went to the bathroom and i looked under the blanket and there was my cat playing under the blanket. The end

Quick flick stories

Once upon a time there was some people that were made of of plastic  and was buried in the ground for a thousand years until someone was walking and tripped on a head and told a lot of people and those people told others and then it got to construction workers and they dug around the head and found a hole army of plastic people still with shiny paint on them and then a giant ring tailed lemur came and ate some of the plastic people and shrunk down to its regular size and ran back to madagascar. The end

quik flick storys

Once upon a time there was a frog that saw a light it was coming from the sky at first it blinded him but then a lemur came and ate it then the lemur that wanted a frog for a snack pooped he pooped the frog out and then as the frog was disgusted it crawled to the pond and they lived happily ever after accept for the lemur it felt hungry again and then the lemur ate a fosa even though you would have thought it would be the other way around. The end © copyright ® rated story.

victim the cat

Once upon a time there was a very annoying cat it liked to make people mad because it was very very very weird he locked eye on his first victim it jumped out of the bushes and started meowing at his first victim and rolled over to him to pet his belly so the person reach his hand in to pet his belly saying “awww.” and then it was his time to strike! So he bit his hand after having its hands being drum sticks to a drum on his face and then after the person ran in shame he saw a squirrel and said get your fanny down here and now help me! “Ok.” said the squirrel and they went to their home  the trash can he was ready to step in to action but they were exhausted and could go again today.

fred the bunny.

Once upon a time there was a bunny named fred, fred loved to watch tv, but not when it is on so basically he loved to watch a blank black screen. One day fred was watching his blank screen but then gerry came in and we/they seemed to be on the television but then the tv lost connection so it was up to him to see where the trouble was so he was walking for hours well that’s what he thought he actually was only out on the road for five minutes and he continued for many many many years.


 The end!!!!!

by michael ross.